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yc_auction's Journal

Yaoi-Con Auction
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Thank you all for your support in the past years' auctions! We will be
continuing the tradition by auctioning the signed and/or rare goods that only
Yaoi-Con was able to get for you! We will be auctioning them for variety of

Our late 2011 charity will begin on Nov. 25th.  Thereafter, the
auctions will update on each Wed. until noted Winter Hiatus.

again in advance for your support!


HOW BIDDING WORKS: Bidders should be at least 18 years of age.

New auctions will be listed each WED and ends each Sunday at
6PM PST. All bids entered after this time will be disregarded. In case of a "tie" bid entry at zero-hour, the person with the highest bid wins. In the case of the bids with zero-hour time stamp, the first one posted to the LJ wins.

Each auction will have a starting bid that will vary by item.

Bids should be entered by making a comment on the entry.

Bid retractions will only be allowed after contacting the journal maintainer.

Bid increments must be in whole dollar amounts, with $1.00 as the minimum bid.

Items are sold as-is. There will be no returns.

If an item receives no bids during the auction time, it may remain available on the journal with a Buy It Now price or re-listed at a later time.

Winners will be contacted via the LJ private message system.

Payment may be made via Paypal or Money Order and must be received within one week of the auction's end.

Winners who do not pay will be banned from the journal and will not be able to participate in any future auctions.  The item will be offered to the second highest bidder in the event of non-payment. The first unpaid "strike" will have you banned for a month (you will be unfriended and all of your bids during this time will be screened).  The second unpaid strike will have you banned from bidding permanently.

Bidding Tip: When bidding on an item, select the entry to TRACK THIS so all comments/counter bids can be sent to you. Check the entry at least once a day or at least on the closing day.

Please Note: If you would like to save the pictures for own reference or future use, you have our permission. However, please do not hotlink and run up our bandwidth. The older auctions will only be left up for one month (for buyers' reference) before they are deleted. Thank you!